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CrossNet gives you more than just technology and equipment. We combine creative web design skills with technical expertise in networks and software development. CrossNet offers a company-wide commitment to provide customers with superior service and support. Specialists, professionals, and technicians support each of the services we offer.

Why with us?

about us

PT. Cross Network Indonesia (CrossNet) is one of Surabaya's premier Internet Service Providers. We are committed to providing all our customers with a quality range of powerful, innovative and affordable Internet products and services.


Our range of services, network capacity, and customer-focuse support combine to provide a high level of quality. We deliver outstanding value for you by providing high quality at a competitive price: This is the Cross Network Indonesia commitment


Our internet access networks are vast and fast and we can get you online no matter where you live in Surabaya. In fact, we could probably offer you several options depending on the speed you need and your budget.

Our Services Level Agreement

Dedicated Internet
Broadband Internet


Our expert professional services arm is key to all the solutions we provide to our customers. By offering a Dedicated Service, we share with our customers our experience at providing and evolving IT and communications infrastructure to meet businesses' changing market and operational challenges. This does exactly what it says on the tin - we provide a full set of communications services through a single point of contact to a select number of key customers. In this way, we can remove the risk and complexity associated with maintaining your business communications and IT systems.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic connections provides connectivity within a city, inter-city and inter-island in Indonesia. All of the networks are connected with high capacity Fiber Optic cable that can transmit data, voice and video.

Data Center

Data Center is a service of CrossNet for the client who wants to colocation. Our Data Center also prepare a rack for operators and enterprises to put in a safe and secure servers equipment with CCTV cameras that can monitor all activity that is in the room. In addition, the Data Center with air conditioning and electricity for 24 hours and fire prevention FM 200.

IT Consultant

IT Consultant is a service of CrossNet for the client who wants to consult on IT. We offer many consulting solutions. Like Windows, Linux, Wireless, and another Network Troubleshooting.

Our Coverage Area

with reliable fiber optic connection,we can deliver services such as Voice (VoIP), Data ( Internet and Intranet), and Video Streaming in your City

Surabaya City

Our Coverage Area

Malang City

Coverage Area

Probolinggo City

Coverage Area

Makassar City

Coverage Area

Manado City

Coverage Area

Kotamobagu City

Coverage Area

Kupang City

Coverage Area

Luwu City

Coverage Area

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We always serve our Clients with integrity and commitment


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Our Head Office :
Intiland Tower Building 10th Floor Suite 01-D
Jl.Panglima Sudirman 101-103,
(031) 545-8000 - 5933600
Surabaya-60789, Indonesia

( info@cross.net.id | marketing@cross.net.id )